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Bella Figura- Remember you said

Bella Figura

Guided by the night: Bucharest

In this series, I wander round cities at night in an attempt to relay the atmosphere and interesting aspect of the night. In Bucharest, my first time in the Romanian capital I came across a strumming busker, who really seemed to capture the sadness of the place, somewhere stuck in the rubble of the past and the failure of hedonist capitalism, plus there were loads of wild dogs.

Suitcase X Stockholm

Stockholm, Fashion, Passion, Watches, what more do you need?




Monster of Art- New Gallery Representation


You can now buy my work from london’s finest tattoo parlour & gallery  


The Big Pink- Live At Brixton



Live performance videos commissioned by the band to mark the Brixton show in support of BRMC, click here to start your viewing journey


Half the band, 4 skaters, A trusted Go Pro, a few other cameras, and less than an hour to make a video, watch it here


Bad Promotions @ The Monarch

                                                                       I’ve started a new night putting on my favourite bands and playing some of my favourite tunes. The first night is on the 9th April 

Pitusa Casual Wear

A Girl, A Camera, The Sun, West Hollywood, get me on my beeper, beeper, beeper


Watch the video here



Lovechilde- Vile Jelly


Watch here 

Valentines Shoot @ Suitcase Magazine

Peacocks, Pigeons, Model, Make-up, Tom, This is Laura

Click here to watch away