FILM well what is called “FILM” as a category to describe a unique kind of moving image, one in which drama, horror, comedy etc unfold if,  as a viewer we suspend our disbelief and  depart into the lives of others for 90 mins or more,  we can gain emotional engagement rarely as immediately accessible and impactful, without even leaving an armchair. The journey we often go on, when it’s a good one, is into our own sensitivity, capacity for empathy & curiosity about the human experience, through briefly being in the shoes of others,  we can feel for on some level. I could ramble on in this wax lyrical manner and am more then happy to for a small fee, but the point is, FILM, when a maker brings together the lengthy list of possible elements harmoniously to construct an idea of a reality, in the quest for some truth of a situation, it is extremely hard to be successful in the task without a lot of experience not only of the production process, a string of  noble failures and hard-fought successes, but equally vital is having lived a life and experienced the truths on some level,  you wish to examine on screen through exploring possibilities FILM offers.